Madhuri Rao

Assistant Professor, RVCE Bengaluru.

Being an architect and visiting faculty by profession and choice, I relish being paid to learn. I have been fortunate to be with people, organizations and in environments which have constantly forced me to revisit/reform/ revitalize my thought process and shake up my beliefs.

With respect to built concerns, there is a constant struggle and search to identify my core concerns which keep transforming into newer ones. However, scale with respect to efficiency and experience, craft as being contemplative and indigenous, and regeneration concerning materiality and technique have remained persistent constructs, integral to my design interests.

I derive immense pleasure in reconstructing events, connecting dots and interpreting the beginning, development, metamorphosis and hence, the evolution of ideas, movements and practices. My passion for history, travel, trekking, food and quizzing, takes stem from this pleasure or serve as ideal settings for the same.

R Kiran Kumar

Assistant Professor, WCFA Mysuru.

Being an architect gives access to all  dimensions of life. Writing gives one a space to exlpore these thoughts a bit more deeper. This space is an exploration in that direction.


We met each other during our post graduate studies which shaped most of our thinking sensibilities. We owe much to our influences during the formative years between 2008 and 2013. In retrospect, our academic pursuit was inspirational, encouraging and influential to say the least. Our endeavors and experiences since then have been essentially to enrich and share all we have thought and learnt.