We belong to a growing tribe of architects who both teach and practise. It is a privileged position to be, where we are constantly engaging in both ideas and reality. Also, we are both at a place in time, luckily and unfortunately, neither too far from having completed college, nor neck deep in projects to call ourselves ‘practicing architects’. We essentially are going with the flow, naively trying to make sense of the idiosyncrasies and circumstances of being part of both – teaching and practise.

thoughtconstructs is a small space and effort to resist that flow, a flow through the trivial.

Kikergaad nails it when he says, we live in a society ‘which tranquilizes itself in the trivial’. Can we talk/think about an idea or a notion, beyond the trivial, beyond being merely factual and beyond its lifeline dictated by Sensationalism/ WhatsApp/ Facebook. What we also find challenging to address is the easy acceptance of mediocrity – a state in where it is so difficult even to “escape the sense of being only slightly better than the mediocre”¹. The ‘slightly better’ is our immediate concern.

We have come to believe and more importantly accept that our lives are mostly mundane with the daily drub taking up most of our time and effort. Our food for thought/ ideas /questions take root in conversation with – ourselves, elusive friends/acquaintances, or from our intellectual/leisure/entertainment needs and nurture the much-needed ‘construct-ion’ in our heads. Over the years, it became evident that these epiphanies and discoveries are too few and far in-between. Hence,thoughtconstructs is a selfish attempt to increase the density of such instances in our daily drudge.

We humbly believe that ‘words’ can at least, partially help us contain and explore these thoughts/ ideas/questions, for  “Words in general have a vocation for rearranging and fixing experience in a way that can be communicated across space and time”

  1. Pankaj Mishra “Temptations of the West”
  2. Tim Parks Essay “Reading is Forgetting” NYRB.